Cirque of the Towers: Wyoming 2021

Lander, WY

Jun 11—Jun 25, 2021

In the summer of 2021, two intrepid groups set out on a life-changing expedition through the dynamic landscapes of Wyoming.

From the challenging heights of Jackass Pass to the breathtaking vistas of Haley’s Pass and the iconic Cirque of the Towers, we found ourselves immersed in the awe-inspiring beauty of Allah’s creation.

Navigating through the wilderness, we encountered the fury of thunderstorms, which tested our resolve and revealed the depths of our resilience. In the face of adversity, we discovered the unwavering support of our fellow adventurers and the power of our shared faith. Each day, we sought comfort and guidance in our Islamic practices, engaging in daily dhikr, prayer, Qur’an recitation, and thought-provoking classes that deepened our connection with Allah and each other.

Through the challenges and triumphs of this expedition, we forged unbreakable bonds and discovered the true meaning of perseverance and unity, all while bearing witness to the breathtaking wonders of Wyoming and the transformative power of faith.


Led by

Ustadh Nadeem Siddiqi

Outdoor Instructor

Ustadh Nadeem Siddiqi is a graduate of Tayseer Seminary and serves as adjunct faculty, teaching a course in community activism while also being involved in various local Muslim organizations and businesses.

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Ustadh Abdalla Husain

Outdoor Instructor

Ustadh Abdalla Husain is a graduate of Tayseer Seminary and an experienced outdoor leadership instructor who currently serves as the Youth Director of the Muslim Youth of Knoxville.

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